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kevin c. horton is an executive accomplished in the areas of finance, labor relations and economic development. he has over 20 years of experience, with notable success in municipal management, investment banking and real estate finance. a graduate of notre dame university, kevin began his career in economic development for the city of south bend, indiana, later serving as the city�s controller.

kevin is also an accomplished investment banker who, as president of hc mortgage and holco capital group, has been responsible for the issuance of over $600 million in publicly traded securities. he has a hands-on knowledge of the financial markets through the management of securities portfolios and executed over $1 billion in mortgage, options and futures trades in one year with one company alone.

his practice focuses on strategic financial planning for businesses and municipalities. he has been instrumental in bringing business practices into the governmental arena and creating unprecedented financial progress in all aspects of a business operation.

kevin's 10 tips on finances, labor negotiations and municipal government.


1. pick a financial advisor to represent your interests and identify your needs when going into the marketplace in search of capital.

2. prepare a three- to five-year strategic financing plan before seeking financing.

3. seek the type of financing best tailored to your business needs, not to the needs of the lender or provider.

labor negotiations:

4. develop a three- to five-year financial strategy prior to entering into negotiations.

5. make the labor contract a key element of the financial strategic plan.

6. negotiate from your strategic plan, not from the other party�s plan.

municipal work:

1. think of your government as a business.

2. think of the taxpayers as stockholders.

3. think of your constituents as customers.

4. plan, organize, and manage your organization with the above three principles in mind.