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tom is president and owner of kosler & company, s.c., a certified public accounting firm in waukesha, wis., established in 1982. the firm offers accounting, assurance services, income tax, estate tax, financial planning, valuations and consulting services to a wide variety of clients. the firm also offers investment advisory services through brookhill financial advisors, llc.

he is an active member of the wisconsin institute of certified public accountants as well as the american institute of certified public accountants. tom also serves on the boards of many civic and not-for-profit organizations.

more information about kosler & company, s.c. can be found at his website at

tom's ten tips to lower taxes

1.        factor marriage, divorce and other family changes into your planning.

2.        determine whether it is more advantageous to defer taxable income to future years or accelerate it into the current year.

3.        contribute all you can to a qualified retirement plan.

4.        maximize your charitable contributions.

5.        track out-of-pocket expenses.

6.        document non-cash donations.

7.        accelerate or accrue deductions where possible.

8.        claim all available deductions and credits.

9.        use medical reimbursement and dependent care accounts.

10.     identify securities correctly when you sell them to get the most favorable tax treatment.

tom kosler on the biggest change in the consulting business in the last decade:

"clients want a partnership, not just a product. they are looking for a future-oriented cpa who can provide operational and managerial assistance as well as financial expertise."