val's photoval mayer

as a principal of the summit group, val specializes in executive management consulting and coaching. this involves supporting senior executives in reaching their goals in a timely manner.

in his counseling role, executives are helped to accomplish their goals in business through exposure to state-of-art business practices, real-world problem solving executive sessions, peer executive support, resources in a multiplicity of disciplines, and just putting years of experience/exposure at the disposal of the ceo.

a major part of val's practice in executive counseling is accomplished through the organizations; the executive committee (tec) and executive agenda (ea).

val also serves on company boards in southeastern wisconsin.

val�s 10 tips for ceos and senior executives:

  • prepare for your own succession.
  • the how to maintain a balanced life; business vs. personal.
  • find a place to think outloud, safely.
  • convert vision into action.
  • bridge the gap between ceo expectations and executive achievement.
  • transformation of your organization, you first!
  • put building blocks in place this year so your longer-term plans are achieved.
  • build a learning organization.
  • do more with less.
  • back to the future in a changing world.
  • bottom line; contribute - learn - enjoy! ... "keeps 'em down on the farm!"

val mayer on the biggest change in the consulting field in the last 10 years:

"today, the intensity of market dynamics, the value chain profit shift, satisfying and challenging today's employee, and exceeding customer expectations require the ceo to focus his company's energy in the areas of their expertise; which requires the support of outside experts in his weaker areas. therefore, small to mid-size companies must draw upon the resources of strong, dedicated and talented consulting groups of senior professionals for their specialized needs."