joan stewart, a publicity expert, works with companies that want to use the media to establish their expertise, enhance their credibility and position themselves as the employers of choice.

she worked as a newspaper editor and reporter for 22 years at three dailies and a business-to-business weekly. a member of the national speakers association, she provides keynotes and workshops, corporate training and information products on how to work with the media and generate free publicity.

joan is a frequent contributor to national magazines, trade journals and on-line publications. she also publishes the publicity hound, a bi-monthly subscription newsletter on how to work effectively with the media as well s “the publicity hound’s tips of the week,” an ezine with more than 10,000 subscribers worldwide.

her two booklets titled "113 tips for recruiting valuable employees" and "107 tips for keeping valuable employees" and other information products including audio tapes and special reports are available at her web site at http://www.publicityhound.com.

joan's 10 tips for using the media to position yourself as an expert:

1. write opinion columns and how-to articles for newspapers, magazines, trade journals and on-line publications.

2. make reprints of articles by or about you. use them in your media kit and at public speaking engagements, and post them at your web site.

3. appear as a guest on radio talk shows that are heard by people who can buy your products and services.

4. list all your media appearances at your web site and in your media kit.

5. get on the public speaking circuit, whether it's at local rotary and chamber of commerce meetings, or as a keynoter or breakout speaker at trade associations.

6. publish a white paper that provides fresh information on some aspect of your industry or the industry of your prospective customers. send copies to the media.

7. conduct a survey on a topic in which you are an expert. comment on the results. then send your findings to newspaper reporters who cover that industry.

8. create information products related to your topic--books, audio tapes, newsletters, booklets, workbooks, videos and cd-rom's.

9. make sure you are listed in any and all directories dealing with your industry or topic.

10. introduce yourself to reporters and let them know how you can help them with story ideas, background information and industry trends.

joan stewart on the one thing that has changed the most in the consulting business in the past 10 years:

"increasingly, clients want consultants who deliver value-added. that could mean offering counsel to the client about a topic that’s outside the scope of work. it could mean just lending an ear as they vent their frustrations at the end of a long day. more often, it means working together not as client and consultant, but as partner and partner."