bob weisenberg

bob weisenberg is a veteran software industry executive who is now president and 50% shareholder of northwoods software development, one of milwaukee's leading internet consulting and programming companies.

bob began his career in public accounting, but soon was attracted to the software industry, first with a.o. smith's data systems division and then as one of the first four owners of manufacturing systems startup effective management systems in the early eighties. ems grew to become one of the leading providers of erp and factory automation in the u.s., and in 1994 became wisconsin's first publicly traded software company.

weisenberg served as director of marketing for ems during the years when it was on inc. magazine's "inc. 500" list of fastest growing companies in the country. subsequently he served as the president of ems' largest operating division and then as vice president and general manager of ems during the years in which it became a publicly traded company. after leaving ems to join northwoods in 1998, he remained on ems' board of directors and a major stockholder until ems was acquired by the major european erp company ifs in 1999.

see for further information about northwoods software.

bob's 10 tips for web site design

1. figure out exactly what you're trying to accomplish from a business standpoint, and design the web site around those goals.

2. think about all the services you provide and brainstorm how you might serve your customers better with the internet.

3. browse extensively within your industry, so you can see what your competitors are doing.

4. take a look at lots of other sites and copy the features you like best for your own site.

5. attract "registration" so you can gather demographics on your visitors and target them directly with specific features.

6. consider whether your business lends itself to true e-business, which means a lot of actual business being conducted on-line.

7. create a site that reflects a strong, persuasive image of the organization.

8. design a site that is as intuitive as possible and where visitors can easily find what they are looking for.

9. design a home page that is compelling and visually pleasing, yet simple and dynamic.

10. build a site that can be easily maintained by non-technical employees.

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