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the summit group, ltd.

we are a multi-discipline association of individual, professional consultants.  

we help clients identify their needs for outside, objective consultant services and to help them retain the consultants most able to help solve their problems.

we provide expert advice and technical skills.

our guiding principles

we are committed to excellence and diversity in our membership.

we believe that the success and profitability of a business will be significantly enhanced through the advice of an objective, professional, outside consultant.

it is of paramount importance that our individual clients get demonstrable, valuable results from our individual services.

we are committed to improving our clients' businesses.� our fees provide a good value to our clients.

we respond promptly to all client requests.

our commitment to our fellow group members

we are committed to using our professional expertise and our contacts to help other members improve their business.

we do this by:

  • subcontracting work to one another
  • passing on leads that are more appropriate to another� member's area of expertise
  • providing advice to one another
  • providing support to one another

we respect another member's decision to subcontract work outside of the group if they believe the client's best interest will be served by a non-member consultant.

our commitment to ethical behavior and to the quality of our work is intensified by knowing that our conduct is a reflection on the stature of the group as well our individual reputations.  

our commitment to the community  

we actively seek pro bono work that we believe can make a significant contribution to our community.